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Flatcast is a portal for multimedia streaming. You can listen to a radio program, while chatting, take part in eLearning lessons and a lot more.

No matter if you want to take part in existing streams, or create your own stream, no further software is required. All you need will be loaded and installed automatically.

Of course the Flatcast Software does not contain any spyware or dialer!

If you want to join an existing stream, click here (no registration needed).
Maybe you want to create your own stream. If you have a mail account and a homepage, you are only a few clicks away from running your own internet broadcasting station.


  1. It´s so easy!

  2. With Flatcast it´s easy to use Peer-To-Peer streaming. No matter if you plan to broadcast radio, TV, Webcam or an eLearning session, configure your stream according to your requirements.

  3. Own Stream Formats

  4. Even if your main goal is to bradcast radio, with a view click, you integrate a Chat, a Slide Show, your studio webcam and all without permanent reoloads by your browser. Click yourself through the running streams, to get an impression, what Flatcast can do for you.

  5. What do I need to start my own stream?

  6. First you need Internet Access with a minimum upload bandwidth of 64kbps (e.g. ISDN, DSL, Cable, etc.).
    For broadcasting radio, you onlay a soundcard and of course some music are required, for TV a grabber card or a Webcam.
    Use your own images to design your stream.

  7. You do not need a streaming server!

  8. For other streaming techologies usually streaming servers and broadband internet connections are required. So FLATCAST saves you money and makes the handling easier.

  9. ... also important (independent from FLATCAST)

  10. Each broadcaster, using flatcast or another technology has to care about the copyright(s). Each broadcaster is responsible for itself. Eg. in Germany, the GEMA (www.gema.de) and GVL (www.gvl.de) will help you, in case of broadcasting music.

  11. Who can use Flatcast without paying for it?

  12. For usage of Flatcast-Software no fee is required. Commercial broadcaster please contact us before broadcasting

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