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In general

In the following, you get information, how to join flatcast streams. In addition the basic features of the FLATCAST-viewer will be explained.
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Installation of Flatcast Software

For usage of FLATCAST-Viewer windows operating system is required.

The installation denpends on the browser you are using.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Surf to www.flatcast.com and click one of the listed streams. After few seconds a window opens and tells you that the download has started. After completion of download (few seconds) you will be asked, if you like to install the software. Click [Yes]. Done!
If no download starts, your security settings block the download. In this case

  1. Click [Tools]->[Internet Options] in the Internet Explorer´s menu.

  2. Select [Security].

  3. Click [Custom Level].

  4. Now scroll down til "Download signed ActiveX controls"
    There select [Prompt].

  5. Now select at "Run ActiveX controls and plugins"
    [enable] or [prompt].

  6. Click [Ok].

  7. Restart the Internet Explorer and try installation again.

Other Browsers (Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, etc.)

Surf to www.flatcast.com
and click one of the listed streams. If there is no FLATCAT-viewer installed at your system, you will get informations concerning the download of the viewer-setup. If you get an empty, please Download the required setup here:

The viewer setups

Please ....

  1. download the setup program

  2. start the setup program

  3. restart your browser. Done!

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Basic Features

If your FLATCAST-Viewer is running, usually (depends on broadcaster) there are several ways to interact with other FLATCAST-users like chats, multiple choice test etc.


In general a login name is not required. In that case your temporary Nickname will be composed by 'Guest' + number eg. Guest7654321 . In addition you may select your individual temporary or permenant (http://www.flatcast.com/FcForum.aspx?forum=4506#4529) nickname.

Login with temporary loginname:

Right-click anywhere in the chatarea, a small popup menu opens. Now select [Login], enter your name, then click at [Guest]. If the nickname is not yet registered in FLATCAST-nickname-database the login will succeed.

Login with permanent Nickname:

For selecting a temporary loginname right-click anywhere in the chatarea, a small popup menu opens. Now select [Login], enter your username ans password, then click [Login].


You can switch a running stream to fullscreen mode. Rightclick the stream´s
window an select [Fullscreen].

Switch on/off audio

To switch on/off the audio during a stream, rightclick the stream´s window and select[Sound].

Stream Info

Rightclick the stream´s window and select [Steam Info] to get the stream info window. The information you get is:

  • "receive bandwidth" If you see a green bar, everything is fine. If the bar is yellow or even red, the bandwidth is currently to small. If such a period is to long, you might get holes in audio.

  • "time" tells you, how much time you spent already receiving this stream.

  • "clients" tells you how many other viewers get their data directly from you. Each viewer a green dot.

  • "received" tells you how much data you received already.

  • "sent" tells you, how much data have been sent


The chat log is stored in HTML format on your PC, with smileys and active links.

To start the chat log:
1. right-click with the mouse -> Chat -> "Enable HTML Chat Log"
2. read the chat license terms and accept them
3. a browser window will open, where the chat is displayed.

Previous chat logs can also be viewed by selecting them in the list.

The chat log is stored locally on your PC in the window temp folder (typically "C:\Windows\Temp").

You can delete the files from the chat log menu, or by deleting all files in the temp folder which start with "flatcast-".


Smileys can be added to a chat entry. You can use the graphical smiley bar to add them, or one of the shortcuts:

The producer (sender) can block out guests from the chat completely. Please log in with your Flatcast-User account, then you can participate in the chat again.

Have fun!
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Register new

On the Flatcast homepage you find on the left hand side the login area.
  1. click [Register]. The Welcome window opens. Read the text carefully, then click [Next].

  2. Enter your name and select, wether you want to publish this information to the Flatcast community. Then click [Next]

  3. Now select your user name. Enter your email address and your password. Then click [Next].

  4. If you like you can enter further information. But this is free to you! Then click [Next].

  5. Finally select your group and your default chat color.

  6. You did it!

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Enable Automatic Login

The automatic login has been improved from 5.3 on, and works differently compared to previous versions (e.g. 5.2).

From 5.3 on, one can enable an automatic login any time. If enabled, the user will be logged in the chat automatically when entering a Flatcast stream.

Enable automatic Login: Check the "Enable Automatic Login" option in the login dialog (either at Login or later in the stream).

Enable automatic Login:
  • in the stream, select right mouse -> Login -> and remove the check mark "Enable Automatic Login".

  • Disable without entering a stream: a link will be provided soon.

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