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Flatcast uses P2P-technology on Port 40123(UDP). Probably your PC or your router is configured in a way, that blocks certain actions. The most common reasons are

  • You are connected via a router/firewall with the internet, which blocks UDP frames. Create a fixed mapping on port 40123 to the sender PC.
  • You have a "Personal Firewall" installed like ZoneAlarm, XP Firewall etc. Open within this firewall port 40123 for UDP.

At the following page you will get a list of neary all usual routers. Please select the corresponding model ... you will find explainations and lots of images (... skip the advertising)

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A short explaination:

The PCs of Broadcaster and Listeners will be designated as nodes.

In general, if a firewall blocks UDP packets (port 40123) Flatcast will not work.

There are 'good' and 'bad' nodes.

'good' nodes :

  • Systems with (al least) DSL (modem) internet connection

  • Systems, which are connected to internet via Router and(!) appropriate routersettings. Appropriate routersettings mean, all incoming UDP-packets (Port 40123) should be forwarded to the PC. (look also für 'mapping' in your router manual.

'bad' nodes : all others

Exceeds the percenteage of bad nodes a crtitical value, the stream becomes instable i.e. listerners may loose their connection or new listeners can't connect. If the broadcaster is a 'good' node usually the stream works well.

If the the broadcaster has a 'bad' nodes there are following typical scenarios:

  • At first a lot of bad nodes try to connect without success. After the first good node enters the stream all other can connect.

  • the last 'good' node leaves the stream and the remaining listeners loose their connection (and can't reconnect).

Again, if the router setting of the broadcaster are right, there are usually no problems. Please take into consideration, that some routers have a builtin firewall (please take care that incoming UDP-port 40123 will be accepted ... but don't switch off your firewall completely).

How to recognize if My PC is a 'good' or 'bad' node?

Please start a stream (maybe test stream):

  • right mouse click at your streaming window

  • select 'Info' (version F5) or 'Mapping Info' (Version F5.2, F5.3) ... a small window will appear

After 'Mapping' you will see your ...

: 'good' node
: 'bad' node

LocalIP: The LAN-IP from your system (Important for the mapping/forwarding rule).
Default Gateway: Usual the LAN-IP of the router.

As listener your are also able to check the mapping state of broadcaster/DJ:

Please select 'Mapping Info' in your viewer (as listener). At 'Producer' you will see the actual state of the broadcaster/DJ.

If the broadcaster/DJ's system has ... listeners will get connectivity problems i.e. loose connection or can't connect.

In addition, the takeover from 'good' nodes will work otherwise it could fail.

For information how to configure your router please follow the link http://www.portforward.com/english/applications/port_forwarding/Flatcast/Flatcastindex.htm
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